How to add a lead to a specific campaign via API

I’m using node-salesforce to create leads when they submit a form. I need that lead to also be part of a campaign, here is my code:

   email : req.body.signUpEmail,
   firstname : req.body.first_name,
   lastname : req.body.last_name,
   title : req.body.job_title,
   company :,
   leadsource: 'Clearing Microsite'
}, function(err, ret) {
   if (err || !ret.success) { 
       return console.error(err, ret); 

I’ve tried just putting campaign_id in the json object but no luck, any ideas? I have the campaign_id.


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Method 1

You need to create a campaignMember record to link the Lead and the Campaign together after creating the Lead. That record is auto-created when creating a Lead (and filling the Campaign field) via the GUI but it’s not available via the API.

There’s a SFDC help article on this as well:

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