how to Automate account team?

I have a requirement that based on the account owner and country ,account team has to be

automatically assigned .what are ways we can do it?

make a comment if you dont understand the question.


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Method 1

trigger AccountTeam on Account (after update) {
    Integer newcnt = 0;
    Integer newcnt0 = 0;
    AccountTeamMember[] newmembers = new AccountTeamMember[]{};

    //list of new team members to add
    AccountShare[] newShare = new AccountShare[]{};

    //list of new shares to add
    Account a1 = [select id, parent.Id,Owner from account Where];
    ID uid = a1.Ownerid;

    //get the user id of the user running the trigger, anyone that changes the Account will added to the account team
    for(Account {
        AccountTeamMember Teammemberad=new AccountTeamMember();;
        Teammemberad.TeamMemberRole = 'Account Modifier';

    Database.SaveResult[] lsr = Database.insert(newmembers,false);
    //insert any valid members then add their share entry if they were successfully added Integer newcnt=0;
    for(Database.SaveResult sr:lsr) {
        if(!sr.isSuccess()) {
            Database.Error emsg =sr.getErrors()[0];

            system.debug('nnERROR ADDING TEAM MEMBER:'+emsg);
        } else {

            newShare.add(new AccountShare(UserOrGroupId=newmembers[newcnt].UserId, AccountId=newmembers[newcnt].Accountid, AccountAccessLevel='Read',OpportunityAccessLevel='Read'));

    Database.SaveResult[] lsr0 =Database.insert(newShare,false);
    //insert the new shares Integer newcnt0=0;
    for(Database.SaveResult sr0:lsr0) {
        if(!sr0.isSuccess()) {
            Database.Error emsg0 = sr0.getErrors()[0];
            system.debug('nnERROR ADDING SHARING:'+newShare[newcnt0]+'::'+emsg0); 

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