How to change or fill database name inside variable

In my code below I want to fill database name using input to choose one of existing databases

import mysql.connector
mydb = mysql.connector.connect(host = 'localhost', port = '3306', user = 'root', password = '', 
database = user_input )
mycursor = mydb.cursor()

def choosedb():
    user_input = input("choose database name : ")
    mycursor.execute('Show tables')
    for tb in mycursor:
        print (tb)


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Method 1

From what I have understood, you need to ask user to input the db you want to list tables from. You have already written most of the code, so here is a little improvement to your code.

from mysql import connector

mydb = connector.connect(host="localhost", user="root", password="")
mycursor = mydb.cursor()

def get_input():
    # this function will keep on asking for input if the user gives in empty field
    x = input("Database name: ")
    if not x == "":
        return x

def choosedb():
    # using while loop is optional if you just want to run script once.
    while True:
        # you get user input here as x
        x = get_input() 
        # then query on the db server
        mycursor.execute(f"SHOW FULL TABLES FROM {x};")
        for table in mycursor:
            # then all tables are listed with table name and type and separated by TAB
            print(*table, sep="t")

if __name__ == "__main__":

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