How to Check Value if Exists in laravel array?

I need to check if the value in the Table is existed skip it otherwise save it in the table below is the code.

 else if(!empty($checkActivity)) 

            foreach($activitydetails->acb as $ac){
                $acd=new ActivityFinance();

if we dd($activity->acb); How to Check Value if Exists in laravel array?

and if we dd the $checkActivity it shows the following data How to Check Value if Exists in laravel array?
in simple words, there is two arrays, one came from the database and the other from View how to check if the view sent array is in Database?


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Method 1

i have use the laravel function updateOrCreate() it will check if the entry exist it will ignore or create new , if already in database table then it will update not ID below are the codes

              foreach($upsertActvity as $up)


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