How to convert an json data in array using accessor method in Laravel?

I m new in Laravel 8. Please give any suggestion for the given below code or answer my question:
Given below is my code an example of what i really want to get:
my data is :


and I want

    [0] => stdClass Object
            [column_1_1] => value_1_1
            [column_1_2] => value_1_2
    [1] => stdClass Object
            [column_2_1] => value_2_1
            [column_2_2] => value_2_2


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Method 1

I am adding this answer as the other is showing only one way and is the least used… Mine is the Laravel way, the one you should always use and the most you are going to see all the time…

If you have a Model who’s property is, for example, data, you don’t have to overwrite how it is read by doing getDataAttribute and use json_decode

If that property/field is a JSON/TEXT in your database (hence storing JSON), you just have to cast it.

class YourModel extends Model
    protected $casts = [
        'data' => 'array'

So later you can do:

foreach ($model->data as $item) {

And store info in it like:

$array = ['products' => [item1', 'item2'], 'quantity' => 2];

$model->data = $array;

And it will get saved on the database like {products: ["item1", "item2"], quantity: 2}

Method 2

Bro you just need to add the accessor method in your model like:

Guess you have xyz column in your database

public function getXyzAttribute($xyz)
    return json_decode($xyz);

It will directly return the array.

Hope it worked. 🙂

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