How to convert paths into shape in photoshop cs6

I drew paths thinking i was drawing a shape but later realized it is only a path. Now i could create a temporary shape like a box and paste this in and delete the box path. But just as there is a option to convert path to selection, is there an option to convert the selected path into shape?


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Method 1

Select the Pen tool.

Ensure the Pen tool’s dropdown menu in the Options bar is set to “Path”.

Click the Shape button in the Options bar, found to the right of the Pen tool dropdown menu.

Press that and presto :p

Photoshop CS6 Pen tool Options bar settings screenshot

Method 2

When created vector path just create a solid filled layer in adjustment layers.


Method 3

Not sure how it is in CS6, but try this:

  1. Go to Window > Paths
  2. Select the path you created
  3. Go to Edit > Define Custom Shape...
  4. Name it if you’d like
  5. Go to your Custom Shapes tool (cycle through pressing U)
  6. With the Custom Shapes tool selected, you will see the Custom Shapes Picker icon
  7. Click the arrow to open the Custom Shapes Picker.

enter image description here

Your new custom shape will be at the bottom.

Method 4

After having created a path, deselect it and switch to the pen tool. Draw a single point outside the canvas (for the sake of easily finding it later). This creates an [almost] empty shape shape layer. Switch back to your path, hold CTRL and marquee select every point in the path, then copy the path information with CTRL+C. Switch back to the shape layer, hold CTRL and select the single point you made, then paste the path information with CTRL+V. Finally delete the single point you created in the first place. Done.

Method 5

If you created a path and want to turn it into a shape, make sure the path is selected, then go to LAYER > NEW FILL LAYER > SOLID COLOR > Name the layer and hit OK. You will now have a shape layer as desired.

Method 6

Using this method we can create a shape using a path…

these method we can create shape using path.....

Method 7

If you are using Adobe CS6 the fastest to do that is by using the pen tool and you can find above is the button shape click on it and it will convert your path to shape.

If you like to return the shape into path just go to windows->paths
and delete shape 1 shape path similar name and it will go back to path.

Method 8

Very old question, resolved with more recent versions of Photoshop…

In Photoshop CC…

Use the Path Selection Tool (Black arrow)… select any path.

  • Choose Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color (You can change this later, no worries)
  • Click OK in the new Layer dialog window
  • Click OK in the Color Picker window

Result is a shape layer with your path as the shape.

How to convert paths into shape in photoshop cs6

You can then merely delete the Work Path in the Paths Panel if you want – it’s not imperative you do though.

(This may work in CS6 as well)

Method 9

All those Define custome shape… or fill layer are not your final answer.
Just do this:

  1. Open path panel to make sure your path is in there.
  2. Create another shape (not a path).
  3. Click your path created before in path panel, Ctrl+C.
  4. Click your new shape in layer panel, Ctrl+V.
  5. Press A and Shift+A until see black mouse to select ‘path select tool’.
  6. Your shape now has 2 paths, click the path you want to delete and press Delete.

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