How to create flow in salesforce?

I m trying to create a new flow in Salesforce customization part, but I’m getting this error

“You must enable or download Adobe Flash Player version 10.2.0 or later to use this feature. Please download it here”


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Method 1

The Salesforce visual workflow designer uses flash! You must install flash on your web browser.

See to download

Best is to use Google chrome as it includes flash player on its own.

Method 2

In the last version of plugin “Flash Player”, users must to provide right to run it. Usually it is simply – just click on <object> of plug-in

Is SF case – this tag is hidden. You need to display this block – that’s it!

In to chrome DevTool – in the dom-tree call “Ctrl + F” and find #flashContent tag, and switch-off css property display: none. So, now you should to see the message/button “if you want to start Flash Player…”

I mention – you need to pass this procedure only once ( after reload browser – plugin should be in auto-run mode )

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