How to do a incremental backup in Mysql

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What is the best way to do Incremental backups in Mysql?

Is there a way to do differential incremental backup in MySQL ? I dont know if there is a PHP script or shell script able to do this.

I believe each tables states must be saved and their differences must be exported in the backup. Any way to accomplish this?

I know there are other types of backup but I like the way smallers backup are generated at time in differential incremental backups.


I forgot to specify that my DB engine is InnoDB


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Method 1

Yes, is called incremental backup instead of differential backup
(correct me if I making wrong assumption)

use binary log (replication sql log)

in nutshell, binary log contains list of write sql (insert,delete,update,alter table…) and execute these statement sequentially will provide a incremental update (which is what replication does)

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