How to enable Push Upgrades for Managed Packages using Patch Organizations

Is package patching available only for registered partner accounts ? I have freeware created developer account. As I see I can not create this or I am doing something wrong ?


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Method 1

Without being a partner it won’t work at all on a public developer org. You’ll get only this:

enter image description here

So you could sign-up. The basic process shouldn’t be too hard.

If you are a partner you have it by default. You think. But it’s only a “light version”….

All that patch orgs are used to execute push upgrades. Those push upgrades even for partners come in two flavors: Push-Minor and Push-Major.

With push-minor you can only change existing components, which is in fact not very helpful for most use cases.

Probably only with push-major, you can do what you really want:

To get Push-Major activated you have to either pass the security review or you have to register into the ISV-Programme. I tried this for a free App ( ) but they refused it. At least in Germany they seem to accept only paid solutions, no free apps, no even freemium models (e.g. one paid package and parallel a less-featured free second package). This is very sad.

I’m trying to find out other options here ( ) – but nothing so far…

Then finally, if you have passed the review or joined ISV, you can log a case and ask them to activate it.

So an unfortunate, it’s not so easy to get a full featured push upgrade process up and running…

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