How to fix pattern=”[A-Za-z]” input field

Hey for some reason when i use this(pattern=”[A-Za-z]”) in my input field nothing will be accepted?

When I enter “Ruben” in this field it just says “make sure the format complies with the requested format”?
Thank you for your help


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Method 1

The pattern matches exactly one character. Add a + quantifier after the character class to make it match one or more of those characters.

Method 2

The reason is that [A-Za-z] matches single character, Ruben is 5 hars long.

You should use [A-Za-z]+ for pattern instead, which will accept one or more of letters.

You could also use anchors ^[A-Za-z]+$ to make sure input consists of only letters.

    <label for="uname">enter test string </label>
    <input type="text" id="uname" name="name" required size="45"
           pattern="^[a-zA-Z]+$" title="enter test string">
    <span class="validity"></span>
    <p>Input must be at least one letter and ocnsist of only letters.</p>

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