How to handle audio stream in JsSIP?

I’m creating React application that use JsSIP library to answer calls made via VoIP SIP provider.

I’ve already created a page that have two buttons (Accept and Reject). It successfully register SIP client on SIP-server. It also successfully receive call and I can answer it. But I don’t hear anything while answering call.

Registering JsSIP client (in willReceiveProps because I have information for connection after props changing):

const socketHost = 'wss://' + + ':' + contactCenter.port
const socket = new JsSIP.WebSocketInterface(socketHost)
const configuration = {
    sockets: [socket],
    uri: 'sip:' + contactCenter.login + '@' +,
    password: contactCenter.password,
    socketHost: socketHost,

const coolPhone = new JsSIP.UA(configuration)

coolPhone.on('connected', (e: any) => {
    const messages = ServiceContainer.get<MessageManagerInterface>(ServiceTypes.Messages)
    messages.addSuccess('SIP connected')

coolPhone.on('newRTCSession', (e: any) => {
    const messages = ServiceContainer.get<MessageManagerInterface>(ServiceTypes.Messages)
    messages.addAlert('New call')

    const session = e.session

    session.on('failed', this.resetLocalState)
    session.on('ended', this.resetLocalState)

    const numberRegexp = /"(d+)"/
    const fromNumber = (numberRegexp.exec(e.request.headers.From[0].raw))[1]
    const toNumber = (numberRegexp.exec(e.request.headers.Contact[0].raw))[1].slice(1)

        callReceived: true,
        callSession: session,
        fromNumber: fromNumber,
        toNumber: toNumber,


Method that handles answer button click:

private answerCall = () => {
    const messages = ServiceContainer.get<MessageManagerInterface>(ServiceTypes.Messages)
    messages.addSuccess('Call answered')

    const callOptions = {
        mediaConstraints: {
            audio: true, // only audio calls
            video: false
        pcConfig: {
            iceServers: [
                { urls: [""] }
            iceTransportPolicy: "all",
            rtcpMuxPolicy: "negotiate"


    this.state.callSession.connection.addEventListener('addstream', (event: any) => {
        this.audioElement.srcObject =

        callAnswered: true,
        callReceived: false,

What did I do wrong?


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Method 1

I solved the problem.

The problem was in the position of line.

I moved it to the callback on addstream event:

this.state.callSession.connection.addEventListener('addstream', (event: any) => {
    this.audioElement.srcObject =

Now it works fine. Hope you also find it useful.

Method 2

You can use react-sip npm library which simplifies usage of jssip inside React apps:

You will just need to pass your connection settings as props to <SipProvider/>, which will be somewhere near the top of your react tree.
This will allow you to perform basic start/stop/answer operations and watch the status of your call in the context!

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