How to import component in react native past two folders?

Whenever I try to import a component that is two or more folders back I get an issue. Using ../Folder works fine, but if I try to use …/Folder I get a module error. How do I get through the directory?


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Method 1

Use ../.. to go up two directories.

Method 2

If you are trying to import for example index.css,
case 1: Same folder
import ‘./index.css’;

case 2: one dir up
import ‘../index.css’;

case 3: two dir up
import ‘../..index.css’;

Method 3

Simply go back by one level using “../”
Now for 2 levels and so on append “../”

This is for 2 level back.




If above file need to reach another file in dir parallel to ‘component’ as in above path i.e. ‘/src/assets/file.css’ so path in file1.js would be as following:


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