How to make an irregular blended circle effect?

enter image description here

I am trying to create an effect like this one in Illustrator, but I haven’t been able to achieve a great result. I would really appreciate a little help, even if it is just the name of the effect. Also, if it is easier in another tool like photoshop, please let me know.

I have mostly tried a combination of the blend and warp tools. I haven’t had any other ideas, or any luck googling.


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Method 1

On a gradient square background, draw an irregular closed shape with no fill and a thin stroke. My shape has a small feather effect.

enter image description here

Double click on the Rotate Tool > 1º > Copy

enter image description here

Duplicate until getting the first wheel > select all the vectors and group them.

enter image description here

Add another wheel group, the image is just a rotated duplication

enter image description here

Create a second similar shape but thicker, on the image has an outer glow effect the same color as the stroke.

enter image description here

Make the same duplicating process but less repetitions

enter image description here

Make three aleatory rotate/duplicate of the thick wheel, select all the wheels and reduce the opacity.


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