How to make HTML Anchor link to do 2 different things?

How can I make an anchor do two things,

  1. Bring the user down the same page
  2. Open a new tab to another link.
<a href="" target="_blank" onclick="'');'');">TEST</a>


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Method 1

You can achieve this by having two events in one single element, e.g:

  '', '_self');
  '', '_blank');

<a id="test">click me</a>

So the first link will open in the same page, and the other one will open on a blank new page.

Method 2

you can control your link behaviour by adding listener on it and prevent default action, example:

const link = document.querySelector("a"); // it would be good to add some id to your html anchor tag
const url = ""; // tab url you want to open
    link.addEventListener("click", event => {
      event.preventDefault(); // stop default redirect 
      window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight); // scroll user to bottom, '_blank'); // you can add .focus() to this line if you prefer that

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