How to pass params from laravel to ReactJS?

My application uses Lavarel and I have certain ReactJS components. Routing is done by Laravel. For a route /Users/<userid>, if the controller is UserController.php and view is userview.blade.php, how do I get the <userid> from the URL in my react component loaded in a div on userview.blade.php?


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Method 1

You can try out this library from Laracasts which allows you to pass server-side data (string/array/collection) to your JavaScript via a Facade in your Controller.

This may look something like this (haven’t tested it, but you get the gist).

public function UserController($userid)
        'userid' => $userid,

    return View::make('yourview');

The docs further show how to access it from your view.

Method 2

you can access the userid and send it to view like this:

public function getUser($userid) {
    return view('userview')->with('userid', $userid);

you can grab it (in some input) like this:
<input type="text" value="{{ $userid }}" />

This is, how I understand your problem. If it is not so, kindly correct me!!!

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