How to Prevent a request from being cached for LANGUAGE SWITCH routing Laravel Spatie responsecache

I am using Laravel Spatie response cache: and Multiple language (language switch..).

How to fix: Preventing a request from being cached for language switcher route in Laravel.

I tried to add: ->middleware(‘doNotCacheResponse’); in lang.switch route but without success…

Route::get('lang/{language}', ['as' => 'lang.switch', 'uses' => '<a href="" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="662a070801130701032509081214090a0a03142615110f12050e2a070801">[email protected]</a>'])->middleware('doNotCacheResponse');

Expected results to prevent request when switching pages (links) between language to be cached….


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Method 1

Not sure if I understand you correctly. If the problem is that you get cached results after you select a different language, I think you should clear the entire cache:

LanguageController {

    public function switchLang() {
        // Switch language


Also, seems like spatie/laravel-responsecache allows you to delete specific URIs with ResponseCache::forget('/some-uri');

To delete cache after altering your data, do something like this

PostController {

    public function index()
        // Display list of posts

    public function edit()
        // Display form to edit post

    public function update()
        // Delete related cache here and update post

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