How to properly set up subfolders for each language and not break plugins?

We are launching a Shopware 6 website and want to acomplish the following URL strucutre: -> German Language -> English Language

We currently have tree entries in the the Storefront’s domain configuration:

How to properly set up subfolders for each language and not break plugins?

The problem here is, that the language switcher always defaults to the shortest (?) URL when switching stores, i.e. when switching from EN to DE, it picks instead of

We have the entry (1) in the domain configuration, because without it, plugins break (they cannot properly generate their API URLs anymore).

Is this a problem in the plugins and should it be possible to just delete (1) or are we supposed to make the configuration differently?


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Method 1

Based on the comments of @j_elfering and @mnaczenski I reported to the plugin vendor who released a fix very quickly.

I believe this is the important change in the module. It’s not really accessing the store API but a normal controller:


-        window.router['example.widgets.topbar'] = '{{ url('example.widgets.topbar') }}';
+        window.router['example.widgets.topbar'] = '{{ seoUrl('example.widgets.topbar') }}';

So it is important to use the seoUrl helper instead of url

This seems to be a common mistake, as we are using a second extension (different vendor) with the same problem.

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