How to Read Private Files on Google Cloud Storage

I want to create a media storage apps, that allows user to upload and view their media on my platform.
I use laravel to create it.
I was successfully upload it to google cloud storage with private file attribute, and save the file name to my database.

My question is, how to access it directly from the laravel, and show it as image or video, currently I have cide.json file as a key, but I never get detail explaination how to use it.


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Method 1

Okay, If I imagine your table structure, it might be like

id   user_id   file_location

You can build an api like
Route::get('users/{id}/files', FolderName<a href="" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="30735f5e44425f5c5c55427e515d5570735f5e44425f5c5c554276455e5344595f5e">[email protected]</a>)

Now you can fetch your user media files by passing the id or you can modify your controller to fetchAll the user media files depending upon your idea.

Brief explanation:

Add this route in Routes.php files in your laravel project

Route::get('users/{id}/files', User<a href="" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="3f6a4c5a4d7e4f567c50514b4d5053535a4d7f595a4b5c576a4c5a4d725a5b565e7956535a4c">[email protected]</a>);

Create a new controller which manages the flow the request to service function
class UserApiController {

   public $userService;

   public function __construct(UserService $userService) {

        $this->userService = $userService;


   public function fetchUserMediaFiles($id) {
         $userMediaFiles = $this->userService->fetchUserMediaFiles($id);

         return $this->done(null, [
             'userMediafiles' => $userMediaFiles



Create a new service which handles the incoming request from Controller and sends it to repository
class UserService {

   private $userRepository;

   public function __construct(UserRepository $userRepository) {

       $this->userRepository= $userRepository;


   public function fetchUserMediaFiles($id) {
      return $this->userRepository->fetchUserMediaFiles($id);


Create new repository which would take the request from userService class and returns you the data by fetching from your db
class UserRepository {

public function fetchUserMediaFiles($id) {

    $userMediaFilesTable = UserMediaFiles::$TABLE_NAME;

    $model  = UserMediaFiles::with([])
                ->where("$userMediaFilesTable.user_id", $id);
    $model = $model->select(["$userMediaFilesTable.user_id", "$userMediaFilesTable.file_location"])

    return $model;


Now let’s try to hit the api with a dummy get request

Your response would be like
"userMediafiles": [
        "user_id": 1,
        "file_location": "",


This is how you do in the laravel. Hope this explanation helps.

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