How to remove array elements from another array in mysql using JSON functions?

set @a = '["1","2","3"]';
set @b = '["4","2","3"]';

I have two json arrays.
Now I want to remove all the elements from @b from @a if it exists. else ignore.

Expected result:


We can loop through @b and remove one by one from @a.

But I am looking for a best solution.
I am expection somthing like JSON_REMOVE_ALL();

Please add your thoughts…


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Method 1

The following uses JSON functions to extract elements in @a that are not in @b.

  • JSON_TABLE is used to convert @a into a table before
  • JSON_CONTAINS is used to check whether the element in @a exists in @b.
  • Finally JSON_ARRAYAGG aggregates the results into a single json array value

Schema (MySQL v8.0)

Query #1

set @a = cast('["1","2","3"]' as json);

There are no results to be displayed.

Query #2

set @b = cast('["4","2","3"]' as json);

There are no results to be displayed.

Query #3

    JSON_ARRAYAGG(num) result 
    JSON_TABLE(@a,"$[*]" COLUMNS(num json PATH "$" )) ta
WHERE JSON_CONTAINS(@b,num,'$')=0;

View on DB Fiddle

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