How to run npm command correctly in WSL

I got this error when I run the npm run start command in wsl

/mnt/f/nodejs/npm: line 3: $'r': command not found
/mnt/f/nodejs/npm: line 5: $'r': command not found
/mnt/f/nodejs/npm: line 6: syntax error near unexpected token `$'inr''
'mnt/f/nodejs/npm: line 6: `case `uname` in


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Method 1

It appears that you shared files (including node_modules) from a Windows install directly into a WSL Linux distro (the /mnt/f is highly suspicious). You likely have all your source and did your npm install in Windows, but then just tried to run node in WSL. Unfortunately that’s a platform mismatch and (as Cody G mentioned in a comment), you need to npm install through WSL. This is further evidenced by the fact that the error messages indicate that it’s choking on r, which is the first character of a Windows platform CRLF line ending (rn). But your Linux distro will want LF endings (n).

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