How to select latest rows from approver table

I want to select latest row from approver table based on a request id.
Also i need to join request table and approver table based on request id

Tried latest() method but it will return only last record. But i want to retrieve last last row of each request id.

Tried group by and distinct but not worked. Could you please suggest a better way


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Method 1

maybe this would be work, use orderBy(‘column_name’,desc)->first()

Method 2

there are two way to do this :

  1. code a loop and get rows by a query for each row.
  2. try this code :

    DB::table(‘my_table’)->selectRaw(‘*,max(id) as last’)->groupBy(‘user_id’)->get();

Method 3

Use this query:

$last_approver = Approver::orderBy('id', 'DESC')->first();

Method 4

    select * from approver where request_id = <your request id> order by <some column like created_at> limit 1

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