How to select several hardcoded SQL rows?

If you execute this query

SELECT 'test-a1' AS name1, 'test-a2' AS name2

the result will be a one row-selection with two columns having these values:

test-a1, test-a2

How can I modify the above query to have a selection with several rows, e.g.

test-a1, test-a2
test-b1, test-b2
test-c1, test-c2

I know how to do this with UNION but I feel that there exists a more simple way to do it.

PS. Sorry for such a basic question, it is very hard to google it.


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Method 1

Values keyword can be used as below.

select * from 
(values ('test-a1', 'test-a2'), ('test-b1', 'test-b2'), ('test-c1', 'test-c2')) x(col1, col2)

Method 2

The following will work for SQL:

SELECT 'test-a1' AS name1, 'test-a2' AS name2 
SELECT 'test-b1', 'test-b2'
SELECT 'test-c1', 'test-c2'

Method 3

UNION ALL is the best bet. It’s faster than UNION and you will have mutually exclusive rows.

Method 4

Extending the answer of @openshac for oracle, as the below mentioned code works for oracle:

SELECT 'test-a1' AS name1, 'test-a2' AS name2 from dual 
SELECT 'test-b1', 'test-b2' from dual
SELECT 'test-c1', 'test-c2' from dual

Method 5

You can use a temp table, fill it up with your results and then select from it

create table #tmpAAA (name1 varchar(10), name2 varchar(10))
insert into #tmpAAA (name1, name2) 
values ('test_a', 'test_b'),
       ('test_c', 'test_d'),
       ('test_e', 'test_f'),
       ('test_g', 'test_h'),
       ('test_i', 'test_j');
select * from #tmpAAA;

This will return

name1   name2
test_a  test_b
test_c  test_d
test_e  test_f
test_g  test_h
test_i  test_j

Method 6

I’d love to hear is anyone has a better solution. In the past I’ve used this:

Select top 3 'Hardcode'
from tableWithLotsOfRows

Would you mind switching abc, with 123?

select top 3 
    'test-A'+convert(varchar, row_number() over (order by PrimaryKey)),
    'test-B'+convert(varchar, row_number() over (order by PrimaryKey))
from tableWithLotsOfRows

that should return something like:

TestA1, Test-B1
TestA2, Test-B2
TestA3, Test-B3

Method 7

As of MySQL 8.0.19, it is possible to do

    column_0 AS name1,
    column_1 AS name2
    ) AS hardcodedNames

Which returns

name1   name2
test-a1 test-a2
test-b1 test-b2
test-c1 test-c2

A note on column names

The columns of the table output from VALUES have the implicitly named columns column_0, column_1, column_2, and so on, always beginning with 0.

Documentation here:

Method 8

In MySQL you could use UNION like this:

SELECT * from 
    (SELECT 2006 AS year UNION
     SELECT 2007 AS year UNION
     SELECT 2008 AS year UNION
    ) AS years

Method 9

The following code work for me in MSSQL environment:

SELECT Name1,Name2 FROM(VALUES  ('test-a1', 'test-a2'),
                                   ('test-b1', 'test-b2'),
                                   ('test-c1', 'test-c2'))AS Test(Name1,Name2)


Name1   Name2
------- -------
test-a1 test-a2
test-b1 test-b2
test-c1 test-c2

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