How to show the scrollbar only on scroll

I use perfect-scrollbar for custom scrollbar. The scrollbar is visible only when you mouse hover the container.

How can I show the bar only on scroll event and hide it on scroll end?


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Method 1

You can try using the javascript onscroll() function. Try something like this-


<body onscroll="bodyScroll();">

  <script language="javascript">
    var scrollTimer = -1;

    function bodyScroll() { = "white";

      if (scrollTimer != -1)

      scrollTimer = window.setTimeout("scrollFinished()", 500);

    function scrollFinished() { = "red";

  <div style="height:2000px;">
    Scroll the page down. The page will turn red when the scrolling has finished.



This code is from another stack question- How do I know when I’ve stopped scrolling?

Link to onscroll() event in js-

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