How to split a string by comma and white space

I have a string, I want to separate it by ‘,’ and white Space, if it has any.

This is what I have done :

  String s = 'Donate, Pricing,BOM';

    List<String> stringList = s.split(",[s]*"); 


Check(Donate,  Pricing, BOM)

But I want Check(Donate, Pricing, BOM)

I am getting error :

Invalid string literal ‘,[s]*’. Illegal character sequence ‘s’ in
string literal.


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Method 1

This should work for you:

String x = 'a, b,c';


Method 2

The square brackets (Character Classes) are not necessary for the pattern. Also using the * (zero or more times) operator over ? (once or not at all) operator will allow for the scenario where more than one space might be after the comma.

String x = 'a, b,c,  d';
String[] result = x.split(',\s*');

System.assertEquals(4, result.size());
System.assertEquals('a', result[0]);
System.assertEquals('b', result[1]);
System.assertEquals('c', result[2]);
System.assertEquals('d', result[3]);

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