How to store collect tracking data in Marketing Cloud

I am using the Collect Tracking code from Analytics Builder to track user activity on my website. Using the audience builder I can see that the traffic is tracked, however in order for me to expose this data in Data Extensions I need to setup Personalisation Studio, more specifically a Catalog.

Is there a way around this? I don’t need tracking on what items they’ve visited, just whether they have been on the website (and maybe what pages if its easy). I’ve tried downloading the sample catalog and uploading a copy with only one line in the upload but this gets rejected for having “Not enough data”.


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Method 1

To accomplish this each webpage will need to exist in the catalog with a product code, and then you will want to track that product code in your collect code as item. This will then populate igo_views with each item they visited and you can join this to igo_productattribs to see what the url/page name is.

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