How to use a different email address in journey builder?

The scenario we have is that we are storing email address information in other different data extensions. So it depends on the journey whether we use these or the primary email address (stored in all subscribers list). However, journey builder only uses the all subscribers list email address even if we set the Journey Builder Settings to > Use Primary Email Address from data extension; Use Email Address from Entry Source Only.

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How do we make the journey use the email address stored in the data extension?


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Method 1

‘The Use Email Address from Entry Source Only’ option determines that Journey Builder will primarily use the address provided by the entry source.

If your email addresses are not in the entry source DE, then I’d suggest you define the Channel Address Order by:

  1. Link to your Sendable DE containing the email addresses within an Attribute Group in Contact Builder (the DE will need to be sendable). You will need to create a 1:1 relationship back to the Contact record.
  2. Open Contacts Configuration in Contact Builder.
  3. Click ‘Add Address’ and select the email address field in the DE you linked to in Step 1.
  4. Change the Channel Address Order as required.
  5. Configure the journey to use the Channel Address Order in Journey Settings.

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