how to use IN operator in laravel query (eleqouent and raw query)?

I need to use the IN operator to get the data from the database. I tried using it as below and got an error:

$pr =DB::('select * from prstuff p where in (select pid from prdrop)');

I am new to Laravel and don’t know exactly how to use the operators like IN, so please explain to me how to use it.


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Method 1

you can set the custom select in DB::raw() like this :

DB::select(DB::raw('select * from prstuff p where in (select pid from prdrop)'));

or you can use whereIn() like this:
->whereIn('pid', function($query)

Method 2

You are not calling any funtion on your db class. You can call the select function like this DB::select ()

$pr =DB::select('select * from prstuff p where in (select pid from prdrop)');

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