How to use pikaday in Laravel / livewire / alpinejs app?

How to use pikaday in Laravel 8 / livewire 2.5 / alpinejs 3 / tailwindcss: 2.2 app ?
I installed with npm pikaday and moment-timezone and added lines in

resources/js/app.js file :


import Alpine from 'alpinejs';
window.Alpine = Alpine;


import * as moment from 'moment-timezone';

import * as pikaday from  'pikaday/css/pikaday.css';
window.Pikaday = Pikaday;

But I got errors :
test:180 Uncaught TypeError: window.Pikaday is not a constructor
    at test:180
(anonymous) @ test:180
app.js:5260 Uncaught ReferenceError: Pikaday is not defined

when I to use them in the template :
var picker = new window.Pikaday({
    field: document.getElementById('datepicker'),
    format: 'D MMM YYYY',
    onSelect: function() {
        console.log('onSelect this::')
        console.log(this.getMoment().format('Do MMMM YYYY'));


Which is correct way ?

Modified Block #1 :

I managed to import Pikaday with lines in resources/js/bootstrap.js:

var Pikaday = require('pikaday');

window.Pikaday = Pikaday;

In the doscs I read :

You will also need to include Pikaday CSS file. This step depends on how Pikaday was installed. Either import from NPM:
@import ‘./node_modules/pikaday/css/pikaday.css’;

But adding line in resources/js/bootstrap.js:

import './node_modules/pikaday/css/pikaday.css';

I got errro in console :
ERROR in ./resources/js/bootstrap.js 19:0-48
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './node_modules/pikaday/css/pikaday.css' in 'ProjectPath/resources/js'

webpack compiled with 1 error

I really found a file /ProjectPath/node_modules/pikaday/css/pikaday.css.
Do I use invalid syntax …

How to fix it?



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Method 1

I added line

<link href="{{ asset('css/pikaday.css') }}" rel="stylesheet"> :

into resources/views/layouts/app.blade.php
with manullyy creating new file /public/css/pikaday.css
with content of /node_modules/pikaday/css/pikaday.css file.
It works, but it does not seems good decision for me…

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