How to use regexp in sqlite in nodejs

I have a sqlite table with fields api and status.

I want to fetch data using regex using this fields to match with them.

How can I use regex to fetch data from sqlite in nodejs?

similiar question: How do I use regex in a SQLite query?

The given anwer only works in ubuntu and my server has centos which does not support sqlite3-pcre


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Method 1

This solved my problem in Ubuntu Os: this solves the problem using terminal but the real problem was how I can implement that in my nodejs project.

pool: {
    afterCreate: (conn, done) => {
        conn.loadExtension(`/usr/lib/sqlite3/`, (err: any) => {
            done(err, conn);

Like this we can load sqlitepcre each time we initilaises a db object.So that we can use regex in our nodejs project.

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