How to validate image in Laravel

I am trying laravel image validation for the following field-

<label class="btn btn-success">
    <input name="image" type="file"/>Add Image</label>
    @if ($errors->has('image'))
       <span class="alert alert-danger">
          {{ $errors->first('image') }}

And my validation rule is written like this-

  'image'=> 'mimes:jpeg,jpg,png,gif|max:1000',

But no matter what whether I give a valid image as input or not my validation rule gives me this error-

The image must be a file of type: jpeg, jpg, png, gif.

You can consider me beginner in laravel and I cant really find out what I am doing wrong here. Can anyone help?


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Method 1

Try this set of rules for your image input field:

'image' => 'nullable|image|mimes:jpeg,jpg,png,gif',

This will:

  • make the field nullable, so you can send it as null
  • image to validate the filetype (see doc)
  • mimes:jpeg,jpg,png,gif that will check for specific file mime type (doc) (also check mimetypes)

You can even check image idmension.
Take a look at available rules, custom validation rules and the intervention image package.

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