I want to change color to Red when updating status as Re-order level in laravel 8. how i do that?

This is productObserver.

public function updating(product $product)
   if ($product->Qty <= $product->ReOrderLevel){
      $product->Status='Reorder level';}

   else if ($product->Qty >$product->ReOrderLevel ){
      $product->Status='In Stock';}  

   if ($product->Qty <= 0) {
      $product->Status = 'Out of Stock';}

This is product view. It displays all details of the product and the Status of the product. Here, I want to display status in red colour when status changes into re-order level.

            <tr >
              <th >@sortablelink('Name')</th>
              <th >Product View</th>
              <th >Brand</th>
              <th >@sortablelink('Price')</th>
              <th >@sortablelink('Qty')</th>
              <th >Status</th>
              <th >Action</th>
            @foreach($products as $product)
              <td> <img src="{{asset('uploads/product/'.$product->image)  }}"
              class="img-circle" width="100px;" height="100px;" alt="Product-Image">  </td>
How I change text colour to red when updating product status as Reorder level ?


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Method 1

You can add inline style with condition

in blade

<td @if($product['Status'] =='Reorder level')  style="color: red;" @endif>{{$product['Status']}}</td>

use @if($product['Status'] =='Reorder level') style="color: red;" @endif

Method 2

Ternary operator will do the job at laravel blade.


<p class="{{ $product->Status == 'Reorder level' ? 'red' : '' }}"> some text </p>


.red { color: red }

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