Implementing loginform with react issue

I’m trying to implement SpringBoot Security’s LoginForm and have it talk with my react application. I’m currently following the tutorial below:

Baeldung Spring Security Login

I’ve reached the part where it talks about implementing the configuration for the LoginForm itself. It states the following code:

      // ...
      .defaultSuccessUrl("/homepage.html", true)

The main part of that to take away is the authenticationFailureHandler() and the logoutSuccessHandler() methods.

Neither of them exist within WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter, nor does the article actually implement them. Do I have to create a customer version of both in this instance?


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Method 1

At the bottom of the article, they provide a link to their GitHub project containing all of the code from the article.

Here is a link to file of this project, containing the code you mention.

But in short, they do implement a custom version of it.

Also, it seems that tihs question was accidentally mistakenly tagged with react.

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