In Laravel, how can you use a Gate if you’re using custom authentication?

I would like to use Gates in Laravel 8, but we’re using custom authentication, so Laravel doesn’t know what $user record to pass into the Gate. So how can I tell Laravel that a certain user is currently logged in, so the correct user record will be used?



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Method 1

You could use the forUser method:

Gate::forUser($user)->allows('update-post', $post);
//    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Check this section of the documentation.

Method 2

I do not know if your validation process is done in the AppServiceProvider file or in the controller.

But I think after the validation in the controller, you can use the function


Method 3

So this is what I did:

In AppModels, I made a User class that extends IlluminateFoundationAuthUser

I also set protected properties in that class of $table and $primaryKey to specify my custom table name and primary key name.

Then in my middleware, where I check to see if the user is logged in, if he or she is, then I run this:


When I do all this, I can use Auth::user() wherever I want. Presumably, gates will now work without specifying the user every time.

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