Install Laravel Jetstream with Vue JS 2

Jetstream by default installs inertia with Vue JS version 3 even though we can select the inertia version when just installing Inertia.

Few of the Vue plugins I have planned to use still do not have Vue3 support. So is it possible to install Jetstream with Vue JS 2?


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Method 1

yes, you can use old jetstream version.
jetstream version 2.2.0 support with vue3 before that it will support vue2. But it might contain some bugs.
To install jetstream with vue2 run comment on terminal

laravel new hello
cd hello

edit composer.json "laravel/jetstream": "^2.1",
then run composer install; php artisan jetstream:install inertia on terminal.
And finally run npm install; npm run dev; php artisan migrate on terminal.

Method 2

@bapi is right, you need to use an older version of Laravel Jetstream.

You need to use the exact jetstream which is "laravel/jetstream": "2.1.4" instead of "laravel/jetstream": "^2.1" which installs inertiajs with vuejs2.

See changelogs here from the official repo

Method 3

@bapi is not right @kikuyu1 has the better answer, follow these exact steps to solve the issue on a fresh project

  1. add laravel/jetstream": "2.1.4" to your "require" dependencies in your composer.json file
  2. run composer update
  3. run php artisan jetstream:install inertia
  4. run npm install
  5. run npm run dev
  6. run php artisan migrate

Now your Laravel 8 project should have Laravel Jetstream install with vue 2

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