Installing Dave Carolls Sublime Lightning

I’m starting with Aura/Lightning today and want to install this plugin for sublime on Windows 64bit

So I followed the instructions in this video here

It requires this

Unfortunately all binary downloads are broken:

Then I tried to compile it from source, proceeding these steps:

This also did not work and resulted into the following error:

D:elastify.netappsforce>go get -u
go: missing Mercurial command. See package
    imports exec: "hg": executable file not found in %PATH%
go: missing Mercurial command. See package
    imports exec: "hg": executable file not found in %PATH%

Any go-experts here? Sure I’m making stupid mistakes… but today it’s the first time I heard about go… 🙂

Or any ideas where to find those binaries? (I would prefer the binaries to keep this part simple and focus on Aura as soon as possible)


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Method 1

I’ve pinged DaveC about this to see if we can get it corrected. I hit similar stumbling blocks when I first built from source but I did eventually get past them. The hg issue is either a path problem (I seem to recall having to add it to my path manually) or perhaps you have not installed this dependency? Waiting for the binaries to come back online is not a bad idea – getting my Go environment setup, learning the basics of how to compile/run/debug etc was “entertaining”…

Method 2

The missing “hg” command is from Mercurial. Download and install that first, and the steps you suggested should work.

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