When editing an Order (either through the UI or via an Apex program that does DML), I get

First exception on row 0 with id 801.... INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_OR_READONLY insufficient access rights on object id: []

I can edit other orders, why not this one?


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Method 1

Answering to add to KB of these often inscrutable errors.

There could be several reasons but in our org, here was the issue:


  • Account and Contact: Private
  • Order: Controlled by parent

Account sharing rule:

  • RecordType Foo: Shared Read/Write with Group A
  • RecordType Bar: Shared Read/Write with Group B


  • Running User: Alice
  • Order’s Owner: Bob
  • Order’s Account Owner: Cary
  • Order’s Account’s RecordType: Foo
  • Running user’s group membership: Group B

Running user permissions

  • View All on Order
  • Modify All on Account
  • Modify on Order (but not Modify All)


  • Edit access to an Order is controlled by Parent.
  • Neither the Order nor its parent Account was owned by the running user
  • Modify All on Account does not extend downward implicitly as Modify All on Order
  • Although Edit access to the Account was extended R/W via a sharing rule to members of Group A (because Account was record type Foo), the running user was not a member of Group A and hence could not edit the Order because the running user was not shared R/W to the order’s Account.


  • Grant edit access to the Order’s Account to the running user (say, via manual sharing or Account Criteria-based sharing rules)

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