Is a tabIndex of -1 the same as having no tabIndex, or should you use undefined or null?

I have a generic react component which is passed a prop value, based on this prop value I would sometimes like this component to have a tabIndex of 0 and other times I wouldn’t.

If I assign it a value of 0 when it’s needed, what could the alternative be when it’s not needed? I’d basically like equivalent value as if the tabIndex prop wasn’t present i.e. has no effect.


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Method 1

tabindex="-1" means it is still programatically focusable (with .focus() for example) but will not interfere with the tab order / focus order of the page. For clarity tabindex="-1" means the only way to focus the item is if you target it via JavaScript.

If you want you can just add and remove the attribute as you need it, but this would probably be unnecessary in most scenarios.

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