Is it possible with MySQL to search for a value and with its results use those to complete the search in one statement?

A little confused with how I’d do this at all in a single statement. If it’s possible?

name type domain ip
Donny 0
Donny 0
Donny 1 null
Donny 2 null
Donny 1 null
Lisa 0
Lisa 1 null
Lisa 2 null

I would like to have my Virtual [email protected] to see it belongs to Donny and Lisa, and the returned result would be their server domains (type 0).

I can achieve this with multiple statements but was curious if it could be done with single statements and with that unsure how! Appreciate any insight on this.

I think I got it working, this is what I have thus far!

SELECT results.domain, results.owner
    SELECT domain, ip, owner, type
    FROM server
    WHERE owner IN (SELECT owner FROM server WHERE ip=?)
) AS results WHERE results.type=0;

So if I search, I am returned

name domain

Seems to do what I want very clean/stealthy but wondering if it can be done better than this. 😐


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Method 1

Hey mate absolutely it can.

You can use the result set from 1 SQL query in theFROM statement of another Query.

Select * from (Select name from 'Table' where domain = "");

This article will take you further:

You can also use nested SQL in the WHERE clause too

Method 2

Based on your comment you can use this two methods (maybe there are other methods).

A. You can use subquery for the names

select name,type,domain
from test_tbl 
where name in ( select name 
                from test_tbl 
                where ip='')
and type='0';

B. You can use inner join but in this case, I do not recommend it.

from test_tbl t1
inner join
  select name,type 
  from test_tbl 
  where ip=''
) t2 on
and t1.type='0';


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