Is there a request/validation rule that would throw an error in case of unexpected input?

Something like Request::only() that throws an error if there is any extra/unexpected field in the request?


$request->strictly(['username', 'password']);

that would throw an error if POST request contains fields ‘username’, ‘password’, and ‘foo’?

In case there isn’t, what would be the best way to perform such a verification manually?


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Method 1

You can create your own strictly method in the request class using Macro

AppServiceProvider.php and inside boot method add this method

use IlluminateHttpRequest;
use IlluminateValidationValidationException;

public function boot()
     Request::macro('strictly', function(array $paramaters) {
       $array = array_diff(request()->keys(), $paramaters);
        if (count($array) > 0) {
            throw ValidationException::withMessages(
                collect($array)->map(function ($row) {
                    return [$row => 'not needed'];

Now You can use this method inside the controller or request class
request()->strictly(['username', 'password']);

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