is there a way to get all related data in laravel connection?

I have two tables named posts and categories. these two tables have one-to-many relationship and I wrote them in models like this:

class Post extends Model
    public function category()
        return $this->belongsTo(Category::class, 'category_id', 'id');
class Category extends Model

    public function posts()
        return $this->hasMany(Post::class, 'category_id', 'id');

This is work fine when I use $post = Post::find($id) in controller and retrieve one post and use $post->category to get category of this post. but what if I want to retrieve all posts and their categories together?
I mean, let’s assume that I have 10 posts in DataBase and I have $posts = Post::get(); to get all posts. now, how I can get categories of each post?
One way is loop! for example:

foreach($posts as $post) {
    $post['category'] = $post->category;

return response()->json($posts);

Yeah! I want to response in Json and I forgot to say earlier, sorry.

Is there better way to do this? I searched and I got nothing by my search. I’ll be appreciated if anyone response to my problem. 🙂


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Method 1

The easiest way to include categories in each post model with json, is simply including it using with() and it will automatically transform it.

return Post::with('category')->get();

In Laravel you do not have to wrap models or collections in response->json(); it will automatically do that.

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