Is usage of return value of laravel’s validate important?

let’s imagine this code.

public function store(Request $request) {
  $validated = $request->validate(['name' => 'required']);

  $post = new Post();

  $post->name = $request->name;
  // OR
  $post->name = $validated['name'];


is it important to use $validated['name'] as opposed to $request->name?

i was testing some basic sql injections and my app seemed to be protected even with $request->name

so is $request validated?


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Method 1

As @Tim Lewis said they are the same

because if the validation didn’t pass it will not continue to the rest of your code inside the controller’s method

the most common case to use the validated array is when you try to create new model or update one and you want to add each property manually so you could just pass it directly like this

 $validated = $request->validate([
      'title' => 'required',
      'body' => 'required' 


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