Joining the same table with calculated fields returns “duplicated” rows

I have to join the same table to sum certain field for each row with the others of the same table.

The problem is that I have row 1 summed with row 2, but the query, when it achieve row 2, gives me another row where it sums row 2 with row 1.



 id       client      quantity

  1       john            2
  2       dave            6
  3       carl            4
  4       david           3

I join the same table to have the sum of quantity of each row with each others but the result gives me


idClient1   idClient2  quantity1   quantity2     sum
   1           2          2            6          8  
   2           1          6            2          8   

In this case I have the first row with the sum of idClient1 = 1 + idClient2 = 2, so I don’t need the sum of idClient1 = 2 + idClient2 = 1 because the second one is equal to the first one.

How can I avoid that query gives me 2 times the same couple of IdClient1 and idClient2 summed?


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Method 1

You can do:

  a.client as client1, 
  b.client as client2,
  a.quantity as quantity1,
  b.quantity as quantity2 
from my_table a
join my_table b on a.client < b.client


 client1  client2  quantity1  quantity2 
 -------- -------- ---------- --------- 
 david    john     3          2         
 carl     john     4          2         
 dave     john     6          2         
 carl     dave     4          6         
 carl     david    4          3         
 dave     david    6          3

See running example at db<>fiddle.

The key is in the join predicate. It uses inequality to filter out symmetric pairs.

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