Journey Builder API to extract total populations

I am currently looking to extract the number of contacts who went through different activities of a journey. Is there a way I can extract this information through API?


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Method 1

To gather history, you can use the following rest endpoint: {{endPoint}}/interaction/v1/interactions/journeyhistory/search?$page=1&$pageSize=6000

Please note that if you do not put ?$page=1&$pageSize=XXX the API will default to a page size of 50. for instance if you just do ?$pageSize=6000 it will still only display 50. (Not sure why, likely a bug since it is undocumented).

This will return a JSON array of contacts associated with each journey. Do note though, this appears to only go back 30 days.

I have a blog post here that may help give more details on it.

Example function to pull journey history:

function journeyHistoryReturn(authToken,endPointURL,page,pageSize) {
    var endPoint = endPointURL + '/interaction/v1/interactions/journeyhistory/search?$page=' + page + '&$pageSize=' + pageSize;
    var contentType = 'application/json';
    var payload = '';
    var headers = ['Authorization'];
    var headervalues = [authToken];

    var results = HTTP.Post(endPoint, contentType, payload, headers, headervalues);

    return results.Response;

Method 2

That information is not available via API. What I typically do is to create a custom activity ( that just writes to a data extension and use it as a log of the trace of the different paths.

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