json_decode of associative array

I am saving this array in my database:

$voz = array(); $datos = array(); $posicion_movil = array();

for ($i = 0; $i <= (int)$total_data["general_total_movil"]-1; $i++) {
   array_push($posicion_movil, $i);
   array_push($voz, "ilimitado");
   array_push($datos, $data["movil_datos_datos-nacional"][$i]);


$movil = array(
   "posicion" => $posicion_movil,
   "voz" => $voz,
   "datos" => $datos

$mi_resumen =  new MyTariffResume();
$mi_resumen->movil = json_encode($movil, JSON_FORCE_OBJECT);

Im decoding this json:

$mi_tarifa = MyTariffResume::where('user_id', Auth::user()->id)->first();
$movil = json_decode($mi_tarifa["movil"], true);

But when I decide to loop through the array in my laravel blade …

@foreach($movil as $i=>$movi)
{{$movi[$i]}} //Undefined index: posicion

@foreach($movil as $i=>$movi)
   {{$movi[0]}} //a full iteration (0, "ilimitado", 20)

@foreach($movil as $i=>$movi)
   {{$movi[0][$i]}} //Illegal string offset 'voz' 

@foreach($movil as $i=>$movi)
   {{$movi[$i][0]}} //Undefined index: posicion

@foreach($movil as $i=>$movi)
    {{$movi[0][0]}} //Undefined index: posicion

How can i fix this? I have nothing left to prove and I don’t know what else to do.

JSON example that I am saving to my database:



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Method 1

You should loop on all items in your array:

@foreach($movil as $i=>$movi)
   @foreach($movi as $key => $item)
    {{ $i.' '.$key.' - '.$item }}

Method 2

Your code is very complex for what you are trying to do. But to make your code work, you are misunderstanding what foreach does on objects.

Imagine the following data.


The following foreach call.

@foreach($movil as $i=>$movi)

Will only run 1 time, then $i will be ‘posicion’ and $movi be {"0":0,"1":1}. You are accessing the key posicion on $movi. Changing your code to this should make it work. Then do it accordingly across the code.

@foreach($movil as $i=>$movi)

Method 3

I have solved it much easier than I thought…

    $movil = json_decode($mi_tarifa->movil, true);
    $total_moviles = count($movil["voz"]);

@for ($i = 0; $i <= $total_moviles-1; $i++)
     <p><strong>Móvil {{$i+1}}</strong></p>
     <p><strong>Voz</strong>: {{$movil["voz"][$i]}}</p>
     <p><strong>Datos</strong>: {{$movil["datos"][$i]}}</p>

Thank you all for your time.

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