Laravel 5.1 – HHVM – S3Exception in WrappedHttpHandler.php line 152

After upgrading to Laravel 5.1 from 5.0, I’m having problems with AWS S3.

I created a test route to verify that S3 was working and it seems that is is not:

get('/test', function() {
   return Storage::disk('s3')->exists('temp/file.jpg') ? 'true' : 'false';

The following error is returned:
S3Exception in WrappedHttpHandler.php line 152:
Error executing "HeadObject" on ""; AWS HTTP error: Client error response [url] [status code] 403 [reason phrase] Forbidden (client): 403 Forbidden

After doing some research, it seems this issue may or may not be related to HHVM. I am using Laravel Homestead which runs the following:
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • PHP 5.6
  • HHVM
  • Nginx

After reading this, I upgraded HHVM to 3.8-dev and restarted Nginx. The problem remained.

Does anyone have any insight on how to resolve this problem?

UPDATE: It seems to work fine now but I’m not sure why. I haven’t made any changes overnight. Strange.


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Method 1

Similar issue happens in my local homestead development while my app running on Linode works fine.

After checking S3 permission, checked out old version, etc., this problem disappear when I restart homestead.

homestead halt
homestead up --provision

Method 2

I had this same error. I believe it happened because I switched wireless networks as I was developing. After restarting the virtual machine, the error went away.

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