laravel 7: how to display data with if / case statements in the raw / query builder

I want to add a new field called status to the select query, where the condition of the field is the result of a select query using a case / if statement.

This is my table now:

Mr. Xfalse
Mr. Ztrue

the expectations I want after the query:

Mr. XfalseYes
Mr. ZtrueNo

This is my code, but still displays an error:
Undefined column: 7 ERROR: column "0" does not exist LINE 2: WHEN app.is_active = "0" THEN "Yes"

$data = DB::table('my_table as app')
                WHEN app.is_active = "0" THEN "Yes" 
                ELSE "No" 
                END) AS status'))

Thakns a lot.


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Method 1

Try using single quotes for MySQL string literals:

$data = DB::table('my_table as app')
    ->select('fullname', 'is_active',
             DB::raw("CASE app.is_active WHEN '0' THEN 'Yes' ELSE 'No' END AS status"))

If the above fixes your problem, then I would actually be a bit surprised, because MySQL usually will accept double quotes for string literals. The error message you see implies that "0" is being interpreted as a column name instead.

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