Laravel AJAX Request not working of a restful controller for a method

Laravel AJAX Request not working of a restful controller of a method.

This AJAX request does not work on create method but it works on index method of a laravel resource controller.

The first link is worked as it is index method. And the second link is create method which does not work. Both code are same

Here you will get my code summary

enter image description here

I have already post this question without live example here but could not get solution.
Laravel Ajax request not working of a controller

Here is my AJAX code summary

// AJAX Requesst

          var cat_id =;

          // AJAX
          $.get('ajax-subcat?cat_id=' + cat_id, function(data){
           $.each(data, function(index, subcatObj){
           $('#subcategory').append('<option value="''">''</option>')





And routes is here

// routes.php

Route::get('ajax-subcat', function(){
    $cat_id = Input::get('cat_id');
    $subcategories = Subcategory::where('parent_ID', '=', $cat_id)->get();
    return Response::json($subcategories);


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Method 1

The problem is that your javascript code is making the ajax request to ajax-subcat?cat_id=1, a relative URL. This means:

/laravel/public/listing => /laravel/public/ajax-subcat
/laravel/public/listing/create => /laravel/public/listing/ajax-subcat

Since you already have your javascript inside the blade template you can easily let Laravel generate the URL:
 // AJAX
 $.get('{{ URL::to('ajax-subcat') }}?cat_id=' + cat_id, function(data){

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