Laravel Array Keys not Preserved

Currently running Laravel 4.1.31. In the controller an array is built of users with their id as the key:

$owners = User::get()->lists('username','id');

Printing the owners array out at the controller level would produce the following:

// Array
// (
//    [1] => user1
//    [2] => user2
//    [4] => user3  <--- key jumps to 4, this is correct
//    [5] => user4
//    [6] => user5
// )

However once the array is passed to a view the keys are not preserved, printing it out at the view level produces the following:
// Array
// (
//    [1] => user1
//    [2] => user2
//    [3] => user3  <--- key was replaced with 3, this is incorrect
//    [4] => user4       all values from this point on are now shifted
//    [5] => user5
// )

There was no 3 key in the original array however once it was passed to the view everything shifted to fill in the gap. This ends up causing problems as all id’s above 2 are now mismatched. How can the arrays keys be preserved?

Full controller method:

public function edit($id) {

  // get the task
  $task = $this->task->find($id);

  // grab all users for owner field
  $owners = User::get()->lists('username','id');

  // grab all projects for project field
  $projects = Project::get()->lists('title','id');

  // add placeholder to beginning of arrays
  array_unshift($owners, 'Select Owner');
  array_unshift($projects, 'Select Project');

  // return show view
  return View::make('tasks.edit', array(
    'task'     => $task,
    'status'   => $this->status,
    'projects' => $projects,
    'owners'   => $owners



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Method 1

array_unshift changes the keys of your array. It will reset them to sequence of numbers 0,1,2,3,…

Use this to add a value with key "" at the beginning of your array:

$owners = ['' => 'Select Owner'] + $owners;

Method 2

As noted in the comments, get rid of array_unshift on the two arrays. In the view, handle that as follows:

<select name="projects">
  <option value="">Select Project</option>
  @foreach($projects AS $project)
  <option value="{{ $project->id }}">{{ $project->title }}</option>

Instead of making the first element a generic value, hardcode it before processing the @foreach to make a select.

Hope that helps!

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