Laravel Cors Referrer Policy

I run into the error below in Laravel 8 with ChatBro service when a user try to send a new message;

Seems like the ‘Referrer-Policy’ of your site is ‘no-referral’. For
correct chat’s work it must be equal ‘no-referrer-when-downgrade’ or
any other that suits you. More information about ‘Referral policy’ you
can find

Apparently, my request header is set to Referrer Policy: no-referrer.

The request response is;

{“error”:”Referer null or empty”,”type”:”RefererException”}

I’m using laravel/cors package with the configuration below;

'paths'                    => ['api/*', 'api0/*'],
'allowed_methods'          => ['*'],
'allowed_origins'.         => ['*'],
'allowed_origins_patterns' => [],
'allowed_headers'          => ['*'],
'exposed_headers'          => [],
'max_age'                  => 0,
'supports_credentials'     => false,

How Can I fix this?


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Method 1

You may want to define that in your Nginx server block as below;

server {
  # some configuration
  add_header Referrer-Policy "no-referrer-when-downgrade";
  # other configuration

strict-origin-when-cross-origin is recommended over no-referrer-when-downgrade.

policy that is secure, privacy-enhancing, and useful—what “useful” means depends on what you want from the referrer

More details available at Referrer Best Practices and Referrer Policy directives.

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