Laravel Eloquent no primary key

I would like to update an old table that have a composite primary key. In order to generate a full update query such as:

UPDATE foos SET (...) WHERE pk1 = ? AND pk2 = ?;

Instead Eloquent tries to do the following which does massive update:
UPDATE foos SET (...) WHERE pk1 = ?;

I set the primary key attribute to null as seen on Google:
class Foo extends Model {
    protected $guarded = [];
    protected $primaryKey = null;
    public $incrementing = false;
    public $timestamps = false;

But I get this error:
IlluminateDatabaseQueryException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: 
Column not found: 1054 Unknown column '' in 'where clause' 
(SQL: update `previews` set `preview_id` = 1805 where `` is null) in 
./vendor/illuminate/database/Connection.php on line 664

I suppose this is not a supported feature of Eloquent, so how can I generate my update query?

My update query was:

    $p = Foo
        ::where('pk1', $foo)
        ->where('pk2', $bar)

    $p->update('column', 42);


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Method 1

Don’t fetch the model, update it directly in the database:

Foo::where('pk1', $foo)
    ->where('pk2', $bar)
    ->update(['column' => 42]);

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